Catechesis #1 looking ahead to WYD 2023

Catechesis #1 looking ahead to WYD 2023
Like Mary, we have also said YES!

We go out in hospitality to meet our young people, and as usual, the third Saturday of each month is already etched in the hearts of our young people, brothers and sisters, as the next stage in our journey towards WYD2023 through our catechesis meetings.

In this catechesis our theme was " Rise up and say 'yes' ". This topic is a continuation of Catechesis #0 held the previous month. The meeting, based on the guidelines of "Rise Up", included moments of sharing, listening, prayer, reflection, self-knowledge and formation, fostering a rich experience as we travelled along the path to WYD2023.

What we feel pulsating in our hearts is that each catechesis is taking place very calmly and serenely, and especially with great intensity by all those who are travelling along this road. Like Mary, the Hospitaller, who spared no effort to place herself at the service of the Kingdom, who voiced her YES, we too are challenged to say it in our daily lives in the most diverse ways. St Luke's Gospel that we have meditated on, has reminded us of this "yes".

One very important milestone in this catechesis was to recognise God's presence in our lives. How does He manifest himself? When do we feel more distant or closer to Him? These have been some of the questions steering our reflection.

We will be holding the next Catechesis in the third month of March, on 20/03 at 9pm (GMT Lisbon). We shall be waiting for you!

You can register for the next catechesis at:

Quinta, 4 de Março de 2021