Hospitaller Youth towards WYD2023. Catechesis #11

We recall  what the poet says, "The path  is made by walking" in the Tales of a Russian Pilgrim. It is with this impetus and palpitating vigor in the heart of each young Hospitaller, that we propose to continue walking towards WYD2023, giving continuity to the Rise Up Catechesis. We share and meditate on the Gospel according to  Luke 15, 11-32 version, the image of a God who reveals himself to us as a Good Merciful Father.
His unconditional love is for us a guarantee that it is greater than our sin. In our condition of "healed healers", he asks us to approach our brothers, embracing them and respecting them in their difference and condition, witnessing the Hospitable Love that should characterize us.
The celebration of these moments of catechesis are unique spaces that strengthen our faith and form our hearts in the art of living our "maturity" in the art of giving life as a grateful response to the Lord, whom we know loves us so much.
As always, the meeting was marked by much hospitality and joy, both for the fact of meeting again, and for being able to share life and faith, although we did it virtually.
We will meet again the following month, March 19 at 9:00 p.m.